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Spares for almost all 19" Rackmount Servers und Tape Libraries

We need this screw urgently :

For most of the Compaq rackmount and tower servers and a lot of other Compaq and HP eqipment we need the screws.

Here are all pictures from all views :

In different servers are slightly different versions,

Here are the specs of that Compaq screw :

standard US thread, (not European metric !)

screw full lengt = 24/64 (3/8 ??)

head diameter 16/64 (1/4 ??)

body diameter 8/64 (1/8 ??)


If you can offer these screws in quantities of 500 or 1000, we have a warehouse in California, you do not need to think about international sales.

Please be patient, we are Germans and we have never got in touch with these "inch"-specifications.

This screw is dammned hard to find.




Why ?



It is an original US styled screw, (no metric screw) found in Compaq and HP products only.




It should be found all over the Houston Compaq plants or directly on the streets of Houston.



Here are the most accurate dimensions.


length 0,387 inch







head diameter 0,251 inch

body diameter 0,130 inch

Here are some pictures for the experts in screws :

We did find 6.5 windings within 0.20 inches, that means 32 pitches per inch.


You may check this with all the pictures around here.



so we looking for


Torx T15 machine screw


# 6-32 x 3/8"

The wanted Compaq bezel screws seems to have non of these heads !!!!!)

may be ist close to the "Oval" design, but it only nearly looks like.

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